Get involved as a business

If you want to be a ‘Watermark Business” there is an easy step by step guide you can follow.

  1. Register on www.watermarkfund.og/calderdale
  2. Choose a product (or as many as you like) that you want to be your “Watermark Product”.
  3. Photograph the product using our “How To Do A Product Photo” Guide.
    Write a Short Description of the product. Use our ‘How to Write A Watermark Prosuct Description” Guide.
  4. If you like – Write a short description about yourself / business.
    This is your chance to shine. Tell people about why you do what you do, how long you’ve been doing it, why you love Calderdale / your job, why you chose this product etc. If you were affected by the floods please tell people your experience.

This doesn’t have to be in depth. It can be short and concise. But people like a story. ANd if you are good with words, it will help get your message across on how much you value your town, your customers and the area you live in. (Ifd you struggle, why not ask someone else to do it. It’s sometimes a lot easier for someione on the outside to tell people what makes you special).

When you’ve got all this, create a profile on and upload everything there. It will appear on the site within a couple of days.