How to do a product photo

Take that perfect photo! There are some really quick and easy things that will make your photos look great. It doesn’t need to be done on an expensive camera either. Most smart phones will be perfect.

Tip 1


You can use your phone, as long as the camera is a good quality one. I-phone cameras and the likes of Samsung Galaxy (or let’s be honest, most camera phones) are so good now, that they are winning international photography awards. Or you can use a good compact compact camera. And with INSTAGRAM you can add a great retro feel to everything. We recommend this tutorial if you haven’t got a scoobydoo (clue). >>>

Here’s some tips to get great photos:

Tip 2

TURN THE FLASH OFF. It makes everything seem warmer, and doesn’t give those horrible reflections off shiny surfaces, and stops everything looking stark. It requires a steadier hand, but the results are worth it.

Tip 3

Shoot pictures of your product mainly in your business, close up, with a slight hint of the background of your shop. Also ask someone to take your photo if you are the business owner. People like to see a friendly face, and it helps them connect to the whole idea.

how to take a product photo

Tip 4

Check out Instagram App for your camera phone. It can make an average photo look good. But it can make a good photo look great!

Use these tips and add a few filters, and you have some warm, retro-styled images for your site. When you take Instagram shots, always hashtag (#) your photos with #Watermark and #yourbusiness #yourtown #yourproduct.

Make sure you set up an Instagram account for your business.

If you haven’t a clue what we’re on about, ask your 12 year old kid. They’ll tell you……..

Tip 5

A main photo should be the product in all it’s glory.

If it’s a cafe, have the coffee machine / cafe seating in the background, with some cakes displayed, or whatever.

If you are doing a close up of the food / drink etc.turn the flash off, get it in some natural daylight (by a window or even outside) pay attention to what is in the background (no dirty pots etc!).
If it’s a clothes shop, the owner could be leaning on a shelf, with neatly arranged clothes and shoes.
If it’s a butcher hold a string of sausages with pies and meat cuts in the background.

Baker – holding some loave, Book Shop, holding a book. You get the picture (no pun intended).

Tip 6

Use the Watermark materials as props to get the messages across. It shows a unity across all the businesses. Stick a postcard, poster or sticker in the photo.

Tip 7

Spend some time arranging things. take a quick snap, have a look at it and see if there’s any old dishcloths Tesco carrier bags(!) notes on the wall etc. – anything that may distract but also make your place a little less loved.

When the main pic is done, take a few of your product in different settings in the shop or business.

If it’s a coffee offer you could have a customer enjoying their treat.
If it’s a gift you could show gift wrap and cards, make it look like a gift you would like to receive

Then you could have a small pic of the outside of your business.

Have a look at the other products on and see which you think looks best – then copy them!!

Tip 8

Or you could get a professional photographer in your town to do it! ?