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WATERMARK FLOODSAVE is a match funded savings scheme for businesses and homes who are not covered by the floodRe scheme. A unique flood savings scheme that can protect you financially against flooding.

£125,000 has been set aside from the money raised for the flood fund, to create the WATERMARK FLOODSAVE scheme.

It’s really easy, your money is secure and you will double any of your savings in the event of a flood.

Here’s how it goes……

1. You save money monthly, or as often as you like – up to £150 per month.

2. If a flood happens, your money saved will be doubled.

3. You can withdraw your any time you like – no penalties.

4. You can save up to £5,000 (If you do, you will receive £10,000 if you are flooded).

Sounds a bit too good to be true?

Well it’s a way of distributing the money that was so generously given in the flood appeal, and it’s a way of encouraging houses and businesses to save in case of another flood.

It is a unique scheme that is funded by the Community Foundation For Calderdale, and is a no strings attached way of making your business, home (and in fact towns) that bit more flood proof.


  • Complete the form online

  • Or download the application form here
    Please bring the completed form into a Credit Union branch, and a new savings account will be opened with Calderdale Credit Union. Please Note: You need to bring your ID to your local credit union branch to complete the process.
  • To open your Flood Save account you can invest up to £2,500 and then you will pay regularly into your Flood Save account with cash or monthly standing orders of £10, £25 or a maximum £150. (savings will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme). We will match fund up to £5,000.


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