Tales from social media

tales from social media

During the floods, the goodness and humanity of people was laid out for all to see across social media, and particularly on the facebook groups of Calderdale. As time went on these beautiful stories got lost below posts on insurance, Government actions and more. We wanted to share them for posterity, and to help us remember the time when we all came together. We live in a beautiful place.

Christine Davenport 31st January Halifax

There’s a lot of people in the area who came out to help but didn’t want to be named. They came in silently, mopped, swept, cleared, patrolled, made flood safe’ish, and helped make and distribute sand bags around the town. They saw a chance to help out, blended in without fuss then walked away when they tired. I met a number of these silent heroes while driving and handing out chips and butties with my grandson around the valley through the night. Many didn’t live in the area but came to help. You will probably be watching this site so on behalf of the many people you helped. A very massive thank you from us all here in the valley xx

Ceinwyn Thomas 31st January

This lovely man Trevor Bannister has worked all weekend shovelling cow slurry and mud into bags from my cellar and adjoining disused coal bunker. He then jet washed it all. I couldn’t face it and could not have done it on my own. If you still haven’t had your cellar cleaned because you’re not as bad as some folk or you’re scared because you live on your own please ask for help. It feels brilliant to have a clean cellar. A massive thank-you Trevor.

Ayeshah Munshi 5th January

This is rather random, but if any bee keepers have lost colonies in the floods, let me know and we’ll see about splits when swarm season starts. I have two top bar hives and will happily send some of my girls to the valley, and there are plenty of others who will help out.

Mark Slade 3rd January

Incredibly overwhelmed by the response, not too proud to say tears have been shed over the well wishes and offers of support, again from strangers. I have to admit, I was a single, cynical man, living in his hometown of Sowerby Bridge, a town I barely recognise from my youth and I felt a huge disconnect. I felt no sense of society or belonging on the town where I was born.

And it took a tragedy, at a time when most peoples focus in their own families. And yet, without request or reward, people have put their backs and hearts into helping strangers. It took a tragedy to bring a dawning of a new year with more hope for myself than I have felt in a long time, all thanks to a community I didn’t believe existed.

I’m ashamed to say I thought Britain was broken. I’m now proud to say the scales have fallen from my eyes and now I see. Stand shoulder to shoulder with your neighbour, proud and strong and you can achieve anything. Britain’s
not broken, Britain is brilliant! And Yorkshire folk shine the brightest
of course.

Debs Bunker 3rd January

Today I witnessed another fantastic act of kindness, along with so many mentioned here.

A group of us went to Central st and Central School Hebden Bridge. This group cleared as much mud and water as possible from the street. Sorry I didn’t get everyone involved on the pics or names but you know who you are. One guy
was hand clearing the drains (Yuk) so we could drain off the water, amazing work!

Other tasks were to load the tracker trailer, clear the school yard and rebuild the sand wall. Many in this group came from Dewsbury. They wanted to help but didn’t know how to get involved. Jamie Smart and his group were AMAZING in the clear up operation. They didn’t have any water proofs BUT got stuck in.

This incredible act of kindness has contributed to that school moving one step further away from the awful flooding and one step closer to trying to re-open. I know Rachel Stott was very grateful for their help and so was I being a HB resident. Everyone involved in that group needs a round of applause! Thank you so much! You’ve all been brilliant, and it was a pleasure
to meet you guys. Here’s a few pics of your hard work.

Sarah-Jayne Robins 11th January

I want to say a huge thank you to the local bin men. They have helped clear away our streets and have been incredibly friendly and helpful. For someone who is currently throwing out what feels like my entire house, this means a lot.

Philip Wells 12th January · Halifax

Unsung hero awards…… Big thanks to two men with pressure washers who have managed to make Calder Homes Park playground gleam in today’s watery sunlight . Simon and Ken (that’s all the info I got, this is Yorkshire after all) have driven down from York (which apparently has had its own little flood problem recently) to help us out. Next time your kids are whizzing down the shiny slide, or taking their life into their hands on the pristine basket swing, tell them how two complete strangers turned up and helped make the park usable again…. Hats off to them.