Tales from social media

tales from social media

During the floods, the goodness and humanity of people was laid out for all to see across social media, and particularly on the facebook groups of Calderdale. As time went on these beautiful stories got lost below posts on insurance, Government actions and more. We wanted to share them for posterity, and to help us remember the time when we all came together. We live in a beautiful place.

Christine Davenport 31st January Halifax

There’s a lot of people in the area who came out to help but didn’t want to be named. They came in silently, mopped, swept, cleared, patrolled, made flood safe’ish, and helped make and distribute sand bags around the town. They saw a chance to help out, blended in without fuss then walked away when they tired. I met a number of these silent heroes while driving and handing out chips and butties with my grandson around the valley through the night. Many didn’t live in the area but came to help. You will probably be watching this site so on behalf of the many people you helped. A very massive thank you from us all here in the valley xx

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