Watching On Tv Doesn’t Prepare You….

man wading through flood water hebden bridge

By Trish Wood

Watching the flood devastation on TV doesn’t prepare you for the reality of walking along pavements piled high with the entire contents of someone’s home…. especially when almost every pile is topped with the heartbreaking sight of a sodden, battered and filthy Christmas tree still clinging forlornly to its once glittering decorations.

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The Flood – A children’s book

a flood story book

Artist and writer Rachel Kemp, has written a book for children about the floods in Calderdale simply called ‘The Flood’,  it very quickly became an Amazon best seller. On boxing Day 2015, Storm Eva took it’s toll on the Calder Valley. With enormous floods and devastation, who would have thought this tragedy would pull communities together and with a scrub-a-dub-dub and plenty of muscle, they all worked together in this time of trouble.

The book is called simply The Flood. This is the original artwork from the book. You can find it on Amazon by searching for Rachel Kemp or by clicking here .

Rachel has already received some lovely reviews:

This book is a fabulous summary of the recent events in Calder Valley. The illustrations are fantastic and such a wonderful representation of the area.

***** Beautifully written.

Lovely little story explaining not only the floods, but how everyone pulled together to help fix the damage caused and get the Valley back on its feet.
Beautifully illustrated, my two year old daughter enjoyed finding different
things in the pictures. I highly recommend.