Over the past few weeks we have been looking at FLOOD RESILIENCE MEASURES in Calderdale, exploring what the communities in Calderdale had done to protect their homes and businesses against future flood threat.

To help us along the way we conducted a short facebook survey to see what people had to say:




In addition we asked what flood protection measures you had installed, it was a varied list and highlighted that no two properties are the same, how do you think people decide on their measures? results from a survey? personal choice? money? time? effort?



Our survey results were taken to a round table event in London with Therese Coffey MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Environment and Emma Howard Boyd, chair of Environment Agency. While there we had the opportunity to discuss the following topics that are so relevant in the Calder Valley.

  • The potential role of household flood resilience and resistance in both protecting households against flooding and bringing the cost of household insurance down;
  • The experience of current households in terms of their propensity to take up resilience and resistance measures;
  • The barriers to household and community action that exist; and
  • Potential ways in which households and communities can be encouraged to boost their resilience to flooding.

Watch out for round up this event in our next blog