June’s Story

Watermark Flood Fund Calderdale Shop Hebden Bridge

June popped into the hub to see us last week with her trusty companion, a friendly face with a story to tell. June had initially come to see if we could arrange for some of her furniture to be recycled. It actually turned into an hour of lovely conversation where we found out how the floods had ruined June’s home on Boxing Day 2015.

After spending Christmas with her family away from home, June received a phonemail from a neighbour to say it was looking really bad and the water was definitely going to reach the house and nothing could be done to stop it. June , thinking that it may just be her cellar like in 2012, asked if he could save her bottle of whiskey from the cellar, humour in the face of a disaster.

The house flooded in 2012 but only in the cellar, this time it was in her lounge ruining everything, she was rehoused at Pellon and she doesn’t want to go back to her home in Mytholmroyd for fear of it happening again, she wants to sell and leave it behind. She feels she is too old to have a repeat of boxing day.

June visited the property a few days after the flood to collect some things and was devastated, her lovely lounge covered in sludge, sentimental items ruined, June dried as many of her soggy photos on tissue paper in the hope that she could salvage some, a sad time for her. She has enjoyed living on Dale in street in Mytholmroyd and it holds fond memories for her.

June was moved immediately by Pennine housing and she wasted no time in making the place feel like home, like many June received help from The Community Foundation For Calderdale and Calderdale Council. She is extremely grateful for all the hard work the community foundation have put into helping her get back on her feet with their grants, support and a helpful person to talk to.

It’s been a terrible time in which June has had moments where she felt like giving up, endless phone calls, visits to offices for help and advice, letters and emails. June is in good position as she has worked in admin all her working life, she used this experience to proactively sort all the paperwork needed to get the grants, speak to contractors to get quotes and basically give them a kick up the backside to get working quickly. This is an amazing thing at 78, it will inspire others to hang in there and not give up, there is light at the end of the tunnel.