How to write a Watermark product description

How to write a Watermark product description for your website listing.

When you are writing about your Watermark product, we suggest you write in a casual way, not formally – more like if you were talking to your mate at the pub or over a coffee. Think as well –  “What would make people want to buy this?”. Is it locally made, is it tasty, spicy, limited edition, made for a reason, hand carved etc.?

It could even have been made specially for the Watermark campaign. Anything that helps bring the product to life in peoples’ minds.

And if you really are struggling, why not tell a friend about what you are selling, then ask them to write it! It sometimes helps, as we often get ‘to close’ to our own work. But don’t worry about your write up being perfect. It’s more about the whole thing – everyone joining in. And that’s the best bit.