Do you have a flood plan?

Flood Plan Blog

Having a personal flood plan is a must if you have been flooded before or live in a flood risk area. It’s a quick check list to help when you’re under pressure, some examples of what you can include are listed below:

    • Put flood barriers, sandbags, FloodSax and Hydrosacks in place across doors and windows
    • Locate pets and make sure they are not in danger
    • Move furniture and electrical items to safety in a high position (on shelves, tables etc)
    • Turn off electricity, water and gas supplies at the mains
    • Roll up rugs and carpets and put them up high if possible
    • Move sentimental items upstairs or into a high cupboard
    • Move your car out of the flood risk area
    • Get your flood kit together, torch, batteries, mobile phone, warm clothes, water, food and any prescription medicines (ideally this would already be prepared)
    • Call a family member or friend to tell them you are ok, but are taking action