Frequently Asked Questions

WHY is Watermark different to people just giving?
Because this isn’t charity.

This is people just choosing to buy something -often something they would have bought anyway. They just choose to buy a different version – one that benefits the community.

Won’t it affect my business’ profits?

It’s up to you how much you donate from the product or service you choose. It can be 10p it can be £10. It can be £50! It’s up to you.

If you decide to run with WATERMARK it can be used as good PR for your business, it will be featured on the WATERMARK website, all press releases and promotional material. And you will be showing your customers, suppliers and partners you care. And that’s worth a lot.

You could choose an ‘opt out’ scheme. You can say to your customers ‘You can buy this WATERMARK product at this price (where you add slightly extra to the price) or you can opt out and you can still buy the product without contributing to the fund”. It’s very unlikely they will opt out!

Who polices it?

No one! It’s all done on trust. You keep a track of sales, or put money in a tin, or use the app we will be developing to sort out the money. When you feel like there’s enough, transfer it to the Fund via bank transfer or PayPal.

What if someone is struggling to pay the money they have taken for WATERMARK products?

Well that’s what the whole thing was set up for – to support struggling businesses. So if they miss a bit nobody loses any sleep.

Why should my customers CARE?

Because we are all in this together! Calderdale is unique because of its landscape and buildings but also because of its small businesses. It’s why people choose to live, work and visit here.

Remove those small businesses and all of a sudden people stop coming, shops close for good, the town attracts less investment and all of a sudden our towns become ghost towns.

This means house prices drop and jobs go! Scary thought, so supporting a venture like this makes sense to everyone.

Why do it all under the WATERMARK name?

Why not just do something ourselves? You could and that would be brilliant.

But working under one brand makes it easier for people to understand, and easier to grasp what’s going on, and most importantly, where the money is going.

Also it shows a joint thinking and a collaborative way of working. You only have to look at all the different events under so many different titles, all with ‘in aid of the floods’ on the posters. People are confused about how money goes into the flood funds, by who and what it will be used for.

It helps to market the whole concept as one big package – ‘Calderdale helps itself. You can help too, by looking out for products labelled WATERMARK’.

The national media and government officials have already shown great interest.

What will the fund pay for?

a. The fund will be available at times of flood for emergency grants to businesses, community / charitable organisations & households, to get them through the first stages of any future crisis.

b. To allow a fund that is immediately ‘open for business’ following another major flood incident.

Who decides what to do with the money if there are no floods?

When the pot grows there will be a meeting of representatives from each area. As the pot grows CFFC will convene meetings with representatives from each area to help decide if the money goes into research into flood prevention for our valley, a scheme, or if it sits there and keeps building in case of floods.

If Calderdale floods again, the money is immediately released to help people.

Why is this needed?

The massive amount of giving after the 2015 floods was incredible. But if floods occur again we need to be more resilient.

We need to help ourselves!

We need to build up a significant pot of money for future flooding or for flood prevention.

How is the money paid into the fund?

The easiest way is by Bank transfer but we accept cash and cheques too.

when you join the Watermark Fund we will give you a unique reference number for you to use and the Bank details of the fund.

Watermark FloodSave Frequently Asked Questions


Flood Save is a match funded savings scheme for business and homes not covered by the FloodRE scheme in Calderdale. The Community Foundation for Calderdale have invested £125,000 from the flood fund, in the event of a flood this money will be used match fund *100% of savings made by members up to the value of £5,000.

Your FloodSave account is with the Calderdale Credit Union and costs £1 to open an account.

Who can join FLOODSAVE?

The scheme is available to those businesses and homes that are not covered by FloodRE.

The eligibility of businesses and householders becoming members of the scheme is expected to be primarily determined on previous experience of flooding and location.

How do I pay into FLOODSAVE?

You can invest up to £2,500 when you open your account then you will pay regularly into your FloodSave account with cash or monthly standing order up to £150.

How much can I pay into FLOODSAVE?

£10, £25 or a maximum of £150 a month (savings will be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme)

How much of my FLOODSAVE savings will be match funded?

Up to £5000 will be match funded.

If you have saved £5000 and have been flood affected you can withdraw £10,000.  It’s very simple, any amount up to £5000 will be match funded.

What if I decide I don't want to be part of FLOODSAVE at any point?

This is not a problem, you can withdraw your money at any time but please note if there has NOT been a flood your monies will not be match funded.

How do I sign up for FLOODSAVE?

Follow the link FloodSave sign up,

How do I claim if I have been flood affected?

Follow the link  FloodSave claim form .Please note we may need verification that your property has been flood affected, a member of the team may visit your property.

How much of my FLOODSAVE savings will be match funded?

Up to £5000 will be match funded.

If you have saved £5000 and have been flood affected you can withdraw £10,000.  It’s very simple, any amount up to £5000 will be match funded.

Do I need to match fund all my savings in a flood event?

No, when you make a claim using our claim form you need to state the amount you would like to be match funded. Please note the maximum amount that can be match funded is £5000 and you only get the match funded option if you have been flood affected. Receipts for the match funded portion need to kept as we will verify that it has been used to rectify damage or invest in flood resilience following a flood event.

How long does it take to access my savings?

It can take up to a week to access your funds following successful submission of your claim form, please note that claims made during Sundays and public holidays will take longer to process.

How do I receive my savings?

Savings can be sent via a bank transfer, a cheque or in cash at your local Calderdale Credit Union Branch