Frequently Asked Questions

WHY is Watermark different to people just giving?
Won’t it affect my business’ profits?
Who polices it?
What if someone is struggling to pay the money they have taken for WATERMARK products?
Why should my customers CARE?
Why do it all under the WATERMARK name?
What will the fund pay for?
Who decides what to do with the money if there are no floods?
Why is this needed?
How is the money paid into the fund?

Watermark FloodSave Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join FLOODSAVE?
How do I pay into FLOODSAVE?
How much can I pay into FLOODSAVE?
How much of my FLOODSAVE savings will be match funded?
What if I decide I don't want to be part of FLOODSAVE at any point?
How do I sign up for FLOODSAVE?