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  • What do you do : We list businesses aimed at visitors to Hebden Bridge and local services aimed at residents.
  • Your Watermark product : Visit Hebden Bridge Annual Listing
  • Description : Welcome to - Delighted to work with the Watermark Flood Foundation! Visit Hebden Bridge has been live for around 4 months and is proving increasingly popular as the new way to showcase your business in Hebden Bridge. Check out our website to see the businesses who have already got on board and have one of our amazing profiles! Every time a business takes out one of our annual listings, £5 goes straight to the flood fund. We aren't just about business, but also community too. We work with non for profits like Artsmill and organisations like Happy Valley Pride, who we are sponsoring an event for next month! We would love to hear from you, and if you wish to know more or get on board with us, please email and we will respond quickly!
  • Cost : £100 for one annual listing, this also includes a free year after the first year!
  • How much goes to Watermark (% or amount) : £5 from each £100 listing.
  • Where can your product be bought from : You can buy an annual listing through contacting us on the email address listed or via any of our social media channels.
  • Is it available online : Yes
  • Why have you joined in with Watermark : We feel it's integral to continue to raise funds to combat the threat of floods faced by the community of Hebden Bridge and surrounding areas of Calderdale. We are proud to commit to this great cause!
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