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  • What do you do : Reece Safety Products are one of the key suppliers of winter products in the UK. Our range includes grit bins, winter salt, snow shovels, salt spreaders, floodsax and much more.
  • Your Watermark product : FloodSax sandless sand bags
  • Description : FloodSax are more effective than sandbags at stopping liquids in their tracks. Can be used both internally and externally to stop flooding, control erosion and mitigate leak damage. Absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes. Light weight, portable and quick to deploy - Self contained - Super absorbent, allows liquid in and keeps it in 5 year shelf life - 96% biodegradable by weight
  • Cost : £40
  • How much goes to Watermark (% or amount) : 4%
  • Where can your product be bought from : Reece Safety at Unit B9 Lowfields Business Park, Elland
  • Is it available online :
  • Why have you joined in with Watermark : Reece Safety Products Ltd is thrilled to be working in partnership with Watermark Calderdale. As a local company based in Elland some of our employees and their families have been affected by flooding in our community. It is important for us to assist Watermark in raising awareness in the flood defence products we supply consumers to help them stay safe and dry. We are pleased to contribute towards the fund whenever we make a local sale of these products.
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