pHure Watermark gin and vOdka
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  • What do you do : Shortly before the floods of 2015 pHure Liquors established their roots in Calderdale. During 2016 the Directors have worked tirelessly to create gins and vodkas of pure flavour. As part of the community affected by the floods we joined Watermark to give a healthy portion of our profit from our sales of Watermark branded products to the fund. We are proud to be part of such an innovative community programme.
  • Your Watermark product : pHure Watermark gin and vOdka
  • Description : pHure gIn is a modern, low temperature distilled gin, scientifically developed to best retain all those more volatile botanical flavours, giving a quite exceptional flavour. It is so smooth that it is superb neat, just trickled over ice, wonderful with the best tonic, a slice of cucumber and there’s no need for lemon as the citrus tones are already present!
  • Cost : 250ml £15 & 700ml £39.95
  • Where can your product be bought from : By Special arrangement pHure Watermark gIn and vOdka can be collected from The Millers Bar and ROKT Climbing Gym in Brighouse
  • Is it available online :
  • Why have you joined in with Watermark : pHure Liquors was established prior to the floods of 2015. During the summer of 2015 the most incredible flavours were created by the "3 Chemists", one of those chemists being the founder of ROKT Climbing in Brighouse. Soon after the floods and facing massive destruction ROKT's future was uncertain. In the midst of chaos the Chief Exec of the the Community Foundation for Calderdale challenged government thinking and successfully secured match funding for our just giving fund. This put ROKT back on the road to recovery. Through the magic of community pHure met Chris ( and the germ of idea soon developed into reality and now pHure are making dedicated Watermark Gin's and Vodka's with a significant percentage of net profit from each sale going directly to the Watermark Fund. For the directors of pHure it was an easy YES to give to the fund and overtime we will continue to put part of our profit towards a truly amazing community support system.
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