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  • What do you do : Jennifer Mason is Professor of Sociology at the Morgan Centre, University of Manchester. Her latest research project explores how weather affects our everyday lives. The research took place in the Calder Valley, where Jennifer also lives.
  • Your Watermark product : 'Living the Weather: Voices from the Calder Valley' book
  • Description : The book is a collection of extracts from interviews, blogs and everyday weather reports edited by Jennifer Mason. Jennifer collected these 'weather stories' during her research into how we 'live the weather'. The project was based in the Calder Valley and many of the reflections in it will be familiar to other who know the area well. The stories that Jennifer gathered during her research were so thoughtful and insightful that she wanted to share them more widely - this book is the result.
  • Cost : £5
  • How much goes to Watermark (% or amount) : 100%
  • Where can your product be bought from : The Bookcase, Hebden Bridge
  • Why have you joined in with Watermark : It seemed fitting that the book, which contains reflections on the 2015 floods as well as less dramatic weather stories, should benefit Watermark.

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