Jennifer Hartshorn
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  • What do you do : My partner and I are getting married on Saturday 4 November at Hebden Bridge Town Hall and have decided to nominate Watermark as our charity for donations, rather than have a gift list.
  • Your Watermark product : Donations from our wedding
  • Description : Watermark was the charity which struck both my partner and I immediately as the one to choose for our wedding day donations.
  • How much goes to Watermark (% or amount) : All donations
  • Why have you joined in with Watermark : The 2015 Boxing Day flood happened two months after I’d moved to Hebden Bridge and was shocking and devastating. I didn’t suffer personally but did wonder if moving here had perhaps been a mistake. However, I was equally moved by the community response and effort put into the recovery. It has been remarkable, up-lifting and heart-warming, and has certainly confirmed that my decision to move here was a very good idea indeed. My husband to be has lived in Hebden Bridge for over 30 years and wouldn’t dream of living anywhere else.
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Jennifer Hartshorn