be prepared for flooding

The sun might be shining and the threat of flooding may be at the back of your mind but there’s never a better time to prepare than NOW, preparation is the key and can help you feel in control when the chaos of flooding rears it’s ugly head.

Prepare a flood plan, if you have been flooded before you will know how quickly waters can rise and panic sets in. Having a plan gives you focus and allows you to prioritise. Put your flood plan and any other important documents out of flood risk. You should include the following in your plan:

*  Put flood barriers, sandbags, floodsax and hydrosacks in place

*  Locate pets and make sure they are not in danger

*  Move furniture and electrical items to safety in a higher position

*  Turn off electricity, water and gas supplies

*  roll up rugs and carpets if possible

* Move sentimental items

* Move your car out of the flood risk area

* Get your flood kit together, torch, batteries, mobile phone, warm clothes, water, food and any prescription medicines (ideally this would already be prepared )

* Call a family member or friend to alert them

* Decide where you will go if you need to leave your home


Have a flood kit, this could contain a torch, batteries, mobile phone, warm clothes, water, food and any prescription medicines, you may not be able to return to your property for hours maybe days.

Be a weather watcher and keep a close eye on the weather forecast and local river levels. Persistent rain on an already saturated area is an indicator that flooding may be possible.

Store useful items such as FloodSax and Hydrosacks in your home for quick fixes to stop water entering you home through doorways and windows. These items are flat packed for ease and are easily activated with water and can be used to block doorways and windows to help stop water entering your premises. Sandbags can be stored in garages, sheds and outbuildings up high so they stay dry in readiness.

Flood barriers should be kept in easy to reach places, every second counts.

Understand what flood warning codes mean so you can act accordingly.



FLOOD ALERT  – This means flooding is possible – Be prepared

 FLOOD WARNING – Flooding is expected – Immediate action is required

SEVERE FLOOD WARNING – Severe flooding – Danger to life

WARNING NO LONGER IN FORCE – No further flooding is currently expected for your area




Have the number of a relative or friend handy so you can call on them without delay.

Keep a utility key handy for turning off gas, electric and water.

Lots of great suggestions on how you can be better prepared for flooding, let us know if you have any handy tips and tricks you adopt in a flood emergency, we’d love to hear from you!