A Data Drift Day At Warland Farm – A Lancaster University Project

Data Drift with Lancaster University

We spent a fantastic day at Warland Farm in July taking part in a Data Walk arranged by Louise at Lancaster University, Louise is looking at climate change, with flooding being a focus, and how scientists, technologists and people experiencing flooding might work together for prediction.

David the owner of Warland Farm took us on a journey around the surrounding area giving insight and historical information along the way. The aim was to explore environmental data in a place – so not just weather and river data, but to think about how people engage with a place, what other data and information might be of use, and how communities might become engaged in contributing to and using flood models in the future.

Armed with a wearable map, pen, cards, collection bags and Tunnocks caramel wafer (essential item) we set off on our journey aided by David our guide.


People were picking up leaves, cones, stones, drawing items on their maps to pin point areas, touching and feeling their way along the route.  A lovely serene atmosphere followed us as we stepped back from the digital distractions and immersed ourselves.

We travelled along the canal and saw the contributories that would have been overwhelmed on Boxing Day 2015, took the steep incline up the valley to take in breathtaking views of the landscape. We could see the tracks the water makes as it finds it’s way into the valley bottom. A key point was a rock face that creates a waterfall effect in heavy rain, David mentioned that he can gauge the possibility of flooding by how far the water stretches across the rock face.


On our return to the base we got the opportunity to discuss our findings and add them to a large map of the area, It was a great way of collecting each and every perspective from the group, how different items were interpreted in different ways, a visual masterpiece! We can’t wait to get an update from Louise and see how she used the data.


A wonderful insightful day, check out our video diary